Slow Culture

Illustrations Volume I. was a group show curated by Slow Culture. The works featured an evolution of the sets series and a departure into multiple colors and use of negative space. The crew also got a chance to come down and check out and document a large scale mural I was drawing the same weekend in Santa Ana.

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One thing that is important for us here at Slow Culture Gallery, is that we show art/artists that we genuinely like. Not just what we think we can sell, but what we’re actually proud to show in our space. All of our work into putting Slow Culture together would be pointless if we were trying to sell art we hated. It would also be too easy, that’s what regular jobs are for. For our 2nd show we have an outstanding line up of Illustrators that we all truly admire. One of them being Brandon Spiegel. When he came by the other day to drop off his art for our show, we got to talking about how we recently got some cameras from GoPro and were going to work on creating some cool promo videos for the blog. He just so happened to be painting a mural for an art show in Santa Ana called: #SPACESNA. It was super rad getting to hang out with Brandon all day and getting to know him better. Talking to him, he explained how he picks and chooses from a cast of characters he’s built up ever since he started drawing. There is a somewhat calculated formula for all the shapes coming together. But watching him paint, there’s definitely a freeform spirit to the configurations he forms. I felt like it related to what we’re doing with the gallery. Taking queues from everything we’ve learned prior to “freestyle” our new business model. This is only our first video, so stay tuned, we have a ton more up our sleeve.... You can find out more about Brandon here: